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Immune system

The immune system is primarily formed by the innate immune system which we are born with, and the adaptive immune system which learns how to fight pathogens (for example from vaccines, or infections we contract).

Immune system dysfunction including low natural killer cell function and autoimmunity are thought to contribute to the symptoms of ME. (more...)


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Natural killer cell.png
Natural killer (NK) cells are a type of white blood cell that forms part of the immune system.

Natural killer cells recognize and destroy tumor and virally infected cells (more...)


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Source: SanfordHealthCare

Jose Montoya is an Infectious disease doctor and until 2019 he was Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine) at Stanford University Medical Center. His special areas of clinical focus include: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Infectious Disease, Toxoplasmosis, Infection in the setting of solid organ transplantation, and Infection as a trigger of chronic diseases (more...)


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Natural Killer cells, a type of white blood cell.
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